Battery energisers

Olli battery energisers. Efficiency, reliability, and output – in a mobile manner!

A battery energiser is the right choice if mains power is not available or the energiser needs to be moved, for example, between orchards, fences, or pasture parcels.

All Olli energisers come with a 3-year warranty that also covers damages caused by lightning. Olli energisers made in Finland are serviced by the service outlet of our plant and by authorised Olli Service Partners throughout Finland. We guarantee availability of spare parts for many years to come, for discontinued models as well.

Check out Olli’s mains energisers as well

If there is no need to move the energiser and mains power is available or you need greater shock power, explore our mains energiser (shock power 1.2-11J).

Cannot find what you are looking for?

If you failed to find the product you were looking for, please contact us! Olli’s fence consultants will help you with all questions related to fencing!