Olli 600 – a reliable basic energiser

Olli 600 is a fail-safe basic mains energiser producing 3.8J output energy that also functions reliably under varying fencing conditions. The energiser’s power level is suitable for medium to long fences and for fencing in horses and farm animals, for example.

Tip! Inadequate earthing is the most common cause of poor fence efficiency. By correct and adequate installation of earthing from the very beginning, you can avoid a lot of problems related to poor fence efficiency. Read more about functional implementation of earthing >

Peace of mind for years – Olli energiser service

All Olli energisers come with a 3-year warranty that also covers damages caused by lightning. Olli energisers made in Finland are serviced by the service outlet of our plant and by authorised Olli Service Partners throughout Finland. We guarantee availability of spare parts for many years to come, for discontinued models as well.

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Product information

Maximum voltage Indicates the peak impulse voltage in case of a short, leak-free fence (low load) or without a fence. Because energiser voltages are quite high, the values are often expressed in kilovolts (kV), i.e., in thousands of volts.
Voltage at 500 Ohm load Indicates the peak impulse voltage if the fence is heavily loaded.
Stored energy The maximum energy that the energiser can build up for a shock.
Maximum output energy Indicates the shock intensity, in other words, the maximum energy the fence energiser is capable of supplying to the fence in a single impulse. The higher the energy, the longer the fence serviceable by the energiser. A high-energy shock is also more perceptible, since it lasts longer. When comparing energisers, this is a value worth paying attention to.
Power consumption Indicates the maximum actual electricity consumption. In case of a mains energiser, 10W power in round-the-clock use means an annual consumption of 87.6kWh. At a price of €0.15/kWh, using the energiser would cost about €13 a year. A battery energiser is powered from a battery. In many models, power consumption varies depending on the energiser’s power setting and/or fence load. The maximum battery life (in hours, h) can be estimated by dividing the declared capacity of the battery (e.g., 60Ah = 60,000mAh) by the energiser’s declared power consumption: 60,000mAh/100mA = 600h = 25 days.
Indicative number of earthing rods Recommended quantity for the energiser in question. Instead of a single figure, it is indicated as a range, for example, 1-3 pcs., since in dry soil, more earthing rods are required as compared to moist soil. The same applies in case of a more powerful energiser and longer fence.
1-3 pcs.
Maximum theoretical fence length The longest theoretical single-wire fence built of thick metal wire in which the fence voltage can still be sufficient for fence functionality. Indicated in kilometres. In practice, such a situation is truly rare, almost impossible. Nevertheless, alike maximum output energy, the value is useful, for example, when comparing energiser models from different manufacturers.
Maximum theoretical fence length (light vegetation) A value more suitable for comparison when assessing the suitability of an energiser for your fence. Refers to a situation where the fence consists of conductors that conduct electricity well and there is little vegetation in contact with the fence. Note that this value indicates the total length of the fence, i.e., with all of the fence conductor strands combined.
Maximum theoretical fence length (moderate vegetation) Refers to a situation where there is more vegetation in contact with the fence. Note that this value indicates the total length of the fence, i.e., with all of the fence conductor strands combined.
Built-in lightning protection
Warranty, incl. lightning damage
3 years
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