Olli Digitester+

Is the fence live? Test the fence voltage conveniently with the Olli Digitester+!

Olli Digitester+ is a fence voltage tester equipped with digital display that shows the fence voltage (kV) clearly in numbers. 9V battery included.

When the tester battery needs replacement, the reading 88 is displayed.

Fence voltage measurement

  1. Push the earthing rod into the ground.
  2. Touch the fence with the tester’s measuring sensor. The tester shows the fence voltage in kilovolts (for example, 4.0kV=4,000V).
  3. Test each fence wire strand separately.
  4. In case of winter fence tape, test the voltage between the shock and earthing wire bundles.

Fence energiser testing

  1. Disconnect the energiser from the fence and earthing. Connect power to the energiser.
  2. Measure the voltage between the energiser’s terminals. Set the tester’s measuring sensor to the shock terminal (A) and the earthing rod to the earthing terminal (B). If the voltage is close to “maximum voltage, Umax” specified by manufacturer, the energiser is in order.

Did you know? Inadequate earthing is the most common cause of poor fence efficiency and interference with radio equipment. Common causes of inadequate earthing include dry soil, insufficient burying depth of earthing rods, insufficient number of earthing rods, or wrong earthing rod material (e.g., rebars that lose conductivity when rusted). For more information on earthing and appropriate earthing rods >

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