Solar panel energisers

Olli solar panel energisers. Efficiency, reliability, and output. All powered by sun..

Solar-powered Olli energisers constitute the easiest solution in case of fences located far from your farm. The solar panel energisers operate on a battery charged by a solar panel.

Olli solar panels are dimensioned so that under normal conditions, the energiser’s battery remains charged around the clock. The solar-powered energisers include a diode that prevents the battery from discharging when the solar panel is not supplying electricity.

Tip: A solar panel kit can be purchased for Olli 9.07B, 122B and 250B+ models afterwards.

All Olli energisers come with a 3-year warranty that also covers damages caused by lightning. Olli energisers made in Finland are serviced by the service outlet of our plant and by authorised Olli Service Partners throughout Finland. We guarantee availability of spare parts for many years to come, for discontinued models as well.

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