Handle Hook

Handle hook for connecting the gate handle to the fence tape. Stainless steel. For use with Olli 40mm tape connectors.

The handle hook is used to attach the wide fence tape to the gate handle so that the tape remains straight and does not wrinkle. Wrinkled or knotted tape can cause sparking which, over time, can burn through the conductive metal parts of the tape.

The handle hook is also suitable for use with a winter fence tape. However, follow the instructions for attaching the winter fence tape: At gate locations, cut and remove metal conductors in the green part (= earthing/return) of the winter fence tape to the extent of approx. 3cm before any metal connectors, so that the metal connector cannot short circuit the winter fence tape’s shock voltage and earthing wire bundles. If this happens, the fence will not work. Note! Do not cut the plastic tape! Otherwise, the tape’s durability will suffer.

For more advice on how to build a functional winter fence with winter fence tape, read Olli's blog: “Building fences with winter fence tape – utter agony or straightforward bliss?” and Olli's Winter Fencing Guide.

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