Duo insulator for wires, ropes and tapes

The Duo insulator is a multi-purpose insulator for all Olli fence wires, tapes and ropes of any width. The cover part can be turned into two positions depending on the fence conductor (wire, rope or tape). Duo insulators are characterised by supreme mechanical durability. Fastening with two screws, recommendation: Dome screws, 4.5x50mm.

Two package sizes are available:

  • 8 pcs. corner package (incl. screws)
  • 50 pcs. bag

Tip! The Duo insulator is a mechanically strong insulator applicable, for example, at corners for fence reinforcement, even if some other insulator type is otherwise used. For this purpose, a special 8 pcs. corner package is available.

Tip! Duo insulators can also be used for extending winter fence tape.

Product information

Package size
8 pcs.
Recommended price (VAT 24%) / 8 pcs. per package
Olli product code
EAN code
Package size
50 pcs.
Recommended price (VAT 24%) / 50 pcs. per package
Olli product code
EAN code

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