Fence tape tensioner for regular fence tape and winter fence tape

Away with hanging or curling fence tapes!

The fence tape tensioner keeps fence tapes straights and prevents twisting. It tensions the tape evenly from both directions. Suitable for all Olli fence tape widths (12mm, 20mm and 40mm), as well as for 40mm winter fence tape. Fence tape can be tensioned by hand, without tools. 2 pcs. per package, fastening to fence post by two screws.

Depending on the fence size, you need two or more fence tape tensioners. Depending on the fence size, place the fence tape tensioners either at the middle sections of the fence or at locations where the fence tape starts to hang and/or twist. However, do not overtighten the fence tape, in order to avoid snapping of its plastic and/or metal strands.

Tip! The tensioner can be fully opened, which means that installation can also be cleverly carried out afterwards, on completed fence.

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2 pcs.
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