Winter fence tape 40mm, Shockteq

The winter fence tape is of durable Olli Shockteq quality; it is suitable for long-term, permanent fences. Tape width 40mm.

The green-and-white Olli winter fence tape has two separate wire bundles, one for shock and the other one for earthing. The wire bundle marked with red colour running in the white part of the tape is energised by connecting it to the shock terminal of the energiser designated by the lightning symbol. The wire bundle running in the green part of the tape is connected to the energiser’s earthing terminal. The animal gets a shock if both wire bundles are touched at the same time.

Tip! In addition to winter fences, the winter fence tape is a good alternative for dry or rocky fencing conditions: In the winter fence tape, a separate return path to the energiser has been arranged for electricity, which means that a fence made using the winter fence tape will function also if contact between the animal and ground is lost because of snow or if the soil is very dry or rocky. Download Olli Winter Fencing Guide here.

Tip! While in good condition, a fence made using the winter fence tape also functions properly without earthing rods. However, we always recommend using earthing rods as well. In this case, the fence will also function like a traditional fence, if required, (e.g., if the animal touches only one edge of the tape or if the earthing in the tape is interrupted, for example, at a tape extension or gate).

Product information

Package size
Conductors (stainless steel)
5 years
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