Elastic, conductive rope for gates

 The elastic gate rope is a conductive, durable, and elastic fence rope intended for gates and supplied in 25m rolls. Rope diameter: 8mm. The rope sold by the metre is an excellent choice for making a gate of the exactly right size!

A gate made using the elastic gate rope is especially handy for horses: If installed correctly, the rope gate cannot fall down and give a shock to the animal through the wet ground, for example.

Elastic gate rope – installation instructions

Attach the front end of the rope gate to the post following the gate post. When the gate is closed, the rope is sufficiently taut if the rope and the handle do not hang. However, avoid stretching the rope to the extreme, since this will shorten its service life. If the gate is open, the handle of a correctly dimensioned rope gate is retracted to the other side of the gate and does not fall down or hang.

The Olli Rope Connector is the most convenient way for attaching the gate handle to the gate rope. When using Olli’s heavy-duty gate handles with a mounting loop of sufficient size, you can chain the other gate strands to the uppermost handle and open the entire gate with one hand.

Tip! You can attach the rope gate’s first end to its own, separate insulator (for example, Olli Ring Insulator), which is not connected to the actual fence wire at all. In such a case, the gate is energised solely from the handle side and is live only when closed. This facilitates passing through the gate, for example, in case of horses stressed because of the electric fence.

Product information

Conductors (stainless steel)
3 x 0,2mm
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