Earthing rod for fence energisers

Hot-dip galvanized earthing rod for fence energisers, length 1m. L profile sharpened at the end. Includes 3m connection cable with fastening screws. The rod must be completely buried under ground.

Inadequate earthing is the most common cause of poor fence efficiency

Inadequate earthing is the most common cause of poor fence efficiency (and interference with radio equipment). Common causes of inadequate earthing include dry soil, insufficient burying depth of earthing rods, insufficient number of earthing rods, or wrong earthing rod material (e.g., rebars that lose conductivity when rusted).

By compliant and functional installation of the earthing in accordance with the instructions, you can often eliminate many problems related to poor fence efficiency.

Earthing rod installation

Adequate earthing of the fence energiser requires a sufficient number of earthing rods. Depending on the length of the fence and the power of the energiser, 1-6 earthing rods are usually needed. In dry conditions and in case of long fences, even more earthing rods may be required. There cannot be too many earthing rods; better have some extra than too few.

Bury the earthing rods completely under ground, at a distance of at least 1m from each other. No earthing rod may remain visible; all of them must be completely buried under the ground. The best place for an earthing rod is moist soil or loam – for example, a ditch bank. If the soil is quite dry, regular watering of the earthing location improves earthing contact with the ground.

The current in the electric fence flows from the energisers to the fence wires and from the fence through the soil to the earthing rods and from there back to the energiser. To prevent interference caused by the current flowing in the ground, the earthing rods should be placed so that there are no structures between the fence and the earthing rods. If necessary, the earthing rods can be installed at a distance from the energiser using a high voltage cable.

The diameter of the earthing conductor must be at least 1mm and it must always be connected to the earthing rods by screw joints to ensure adequate contact. Olli earthing rods are supplied with a 3m earthing conductor and mounting screws.

Note! If you equip your fence with a separate lightning protector, keep in mind that it requires its own earthing rods (at least 3 pcs.).

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