Lightning protector for fence energisers

The lightning protector protects your energiser against lightning strikes conveyed by the fence by diverting the lightning into the ground before it reaches the energiser. To be installed between the fence and the energiser. Hot-dip galvanized.

A separate lightning protector is recommended especially for mains energisers at areas with high risk of lightning striking near the fence. These include, for example, fences located in open and high places.

Also, remember to earth the lightning protector

For the lightning protector to function in the best way, it must be separately earthed using its own earthing rod. Therefore, do not connect the lightning protector to the same earthing rod as the energiser.

The number of earthing rods for the lightning protector should exceed that of the energiser (at least 3 pcs.). The rods are to be installed at a distance of approx. 1m from each other and approx. 5m from the energiser’s earthing rod. Also, keep in mind that the earthing rods should be completely buried underground, with no parts left visible. We recommend the durable Olli high voltage cable for the installation.

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